What to do with all of those Holiday Cards
Myles Gleason
Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean the holiday cards are useless.

Now that the holidays are over and the cleanup process is underway, chances are you’re probably all wondering the same thing. What do you do with all those wonderful Christmas cards you received from family and friends? It feels wrong to throw them all away, but the alternative of hoarding hundreds of cards for years and years isn’t great either. Check out these tip and tricks for saving, discarding and repurposing all of your holiday cards.

  1. Scan them and store them on the computer. If you’re looking to declutter, this is the perfect way to hold on to a memory. Scan your favorite cards into a document so you can access them all in the same place.
  2. Hole punch them and create a card binder. Pick up some binder rings at your local office supply or craft store, hole punch the cards (with or without the envelope) and create a little binder of cards that you can easily flip through. Arrange them alphabetically if you’re looking for a simpler way to access them.
  3. Keep them to return to the writer one day. Did you receive any cards with especially heartfelt messages? Consider holding on to these to look back on one day or even to return to the sender later on in life.
  4. Repurpose the cards into tags and gift cards. For those holiday cards with cute sayings and poems or festive designs, consider cutting them out and turning them into gift tags for the next season of gift giving. Simply cut out the designs, hole punch them, add a ribbon and voilà! You’re already one step ahead for next year’s gift wrapping!
  5. Repurpose your cards into scrapbook embellishments. Did you come across a poem or quote on a card that you especially enjoyed? Cut it out and add it into your scrapbook to capture a special moment.

Photo courtesy of ecosalon.com

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