Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season
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Myles Gleason
Ideas to make this holiday season more fulfilling.

This time of year is the season of giving, and as members of the community, it is important that we spend some time caring for those members of the community who are in need of assistance. The following simple acts of kindness can have a tremendously positive impact on someone’s life. Can you get involved with at least one of these recommendations this holiday season?

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1. Donate your time

Many nonprofits and churches are in desperate need of volunteers during the holiday season. Here are a few organizations around our community that need volunteers for gift wrapping, cooking meals for the homeless, writing soldiers holiday cards, and more.

2. Donate gently used clothing

Collect clothes that you and your family don’t wear anymore, and drop them at the local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or homeless shelters to help keep your neighbors warm during these colder months.

3. Save change in a jar & donate it

This is a great way to get your children involved! Have them save up spare change in their piggy banks, exchange it for cash, and donate it to an organization of their choice. As little as a dollar can go a long way to help an organization.

4. Visit senior citizens

During the holidays, senior citizens can feel lonely and isolated, especially if they’re living in an assisted living or nursing home. Make some holiday crafts, bake some cookies, or draw Christmas cards and bring them to a nearby senior center. Better yet, call these places and ask if there are any opportunities for you to lead a craft, music activity, or game at the facility. Many nursing homes even allow you to bring your well-behaved pet with you to brighten everyone’s day.

Some local senior centers:

Ashleigh Place Senior Apartments

Magnolia Manor Senior Home

Richmond Hill Senior Center

5. Help Fight Hunger

Hosting a food drive, donating to a food bank, and collecting canned goods are all ways to combat hunger during the holiday season. We challenge you to host a friendly competition with your neighbors with a prize of choice... who can collect the most food items to be donated? Of course, it’s always a good idea to check in with the local food pantry to see what food items are most needed.

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