Waterways Responds to Kilkenny Creek Issue
Shanna Schwab
An Update From Waterways

Waterways is aware of a flyer being circulated in the local community and online that suggests that the Developer is attempting to put in a sewer pipeline that would discharge into Kilkenny Creek – this is, simply, untrue. We typically do not engage such misleading parties; however, in this case, we think it is important for our residents and neighbors to understand that we rely on Bryan County utilities to provide us with water and wastewater (sewer) services. Waterways is not in the utility business. Many may be aware of an existing wastewater treatment facility that is located near the south end of Waterways; the property and facility are owned and operated by Bryan County. We rely on the County Utility Department for design, permitting and construction of our utilities - just like the other many communities in Bryan County.

Waterways is a conservation-based development and it is important to us that our development practices honor and respect the natural landscape of our Georgia coast. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email info@livewaterways.com, and we will direct your inquiry to the appropriate party.

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