Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to Bring to School
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Myles Gleason
A few fun and easy ideas for Valentine’s Day cards for your kids!

Ah, to be young again. Recess, book fairs, and parties for every holiday. While your kids may have a favorite holiday, like Pi Day, everyone loves getting valentines. Not sure what to do for kids’ Valentine’s Day? Here are a few fun and easy ideas for Valentine’s Day cards for your kids to bring to school!

Wordplay and puns are a clever way to put a Valentine’s Day spin on your average treats. Some pun-friendly candies you can try out include Smarties, Pop Rocks, SweeTarts, and even Gummy Bears. Catch-phrases like “you’re such a sweetheart,” or “you rock my socks!” pair nicely with the candies mentioned above. Skip to My Lou also has a helpful list of other pun-treat combinations full of cute sayings!

If you’d rather mix up your sweets, or give cooking a go, try putting together a little snack pack with various treats and a cute poem to go along! The Printable Holiday has some great Valentine’s Day sayings ranging from cheesy song lyrics to kid-friendly compliments. Lost on homemade ideas? Valentine’s Day colors, like red, white, and pink, can make homemade snacks look festive – without all the messy sprinkles.

Creating valentines can be time-consuming. If you’re cramped on time, Paper Source offers an easy alternative to your crafting carpel tunnel. With reasonably-priced package deals made with classrooms in mind, these Valentine’s Day cards are thoughtful and clever! With themes like animals, cars, super heroes and dinosaurs, you’ll be able to find the perfect cards without breaking a sweat.

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