Valentine's Day Activities
Myles Gleason
Love is in the air... along with lots of family games and fun!

Heart Hunt

Looking for something to do with your kids this Valentine’s day? This easy idea from Simple Play Ideas is called a Heart Hunt.

Pick up some colored foam (better for outdoor use since it’s sturdy), or construction paper and cut out a bunch of hearts for your little ones to find.

Like an Easter hunt, hide them in places around the house, or in the yard for your kids to find. For older kids, you can write a list of clues to find hearts in specific locations that are a bit trickier to find.

After they’ve found all of the hearts (make sure to remember how many you hide) reward them with some Valentines candy or treats!

Candy Heart Dice Game

Have some candy hearts lying around? Put them to use with this fun game from Mom Inspired Life to play with your kids.

Get a large or medium sized container to put all of your candy hearts in. Fill it more for a longer game. Then, take one small container and one die for each player. We suggest using a cereal bowl and a few small plastic containers.

Once the bowls are set up, players will simultaneously roll their dice and take the amount on the die from the larger bowl into their own bowl. Race against the other player until the larger bowl is empty. Then whichever player has more candy hearts in their personal bowl wins.

For a slower-paced game, and some practice with addition, have each player take turns (rather than rolling simultaneously) and have them add up the values on both dice to show them how many to take from the large bowl.

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