Top 10 Reasons Why Waterways is the Best Pet Friendly Community of the Coastal Empire
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Myles Gleason
Our four-legged friends are more than just pets… they’re family!

Recently voted the Best Pet-Friendly Community of the Coastal Empire, here are the top 10 reasons why you (and your pets) will love Waterways.

Walking trails

Dogs love room to roam and stroll with you. The walking trails at Waterways provide a variety of new places to explore with your furry friend.

Kayak with your pup

While cats may not be the biggest fans of swimming, dogs tend to enjoy getting to experience some time on the water. The air is cooler and they can easily take a drink whenever they please. It’s our version of a car ride with your best friend.

Enjoy nature

As animals, dogs love to be able to explore nature, and at Waterways, we have lots of it! There is plenty of grass to roam and critters to find, all while your friend gets to breathe in the fresh air and stretch his legs.

Meet neighbors while walking the dog

Since we are such a pet friendly community, a large percentage of our residents have dogs. What better way to meet your neighbors than to bond over your furry friends?

Take your dog to dinner at Fish Tales

    While many restaurants prefer that you leave your furry friends at home, at Fish Tales, our favorite nearby restaurant with a view, it’s encouraged to bring your dogs!

    Or for ice cream at the Ice Cream Stop

      Another local spot that you and your pup will love is The Ice Cream Stop. Furry friends are welcome to come by for a cold and refreshing treat!

      Plenty of pet sitters

        Since we are a pet friendly community, there are a number of residents who are familiar with dogs and who would be happy to feed and walk your pet should your family go on vacation. One of our residents even owns a full service pet sitting company!

        Dog park (Bryan County Bark Park) nearby

          The dog park is the perfect place for your pup to make new friends and run around with other dogs. It’s only a few minute’s drive from Waterways, and the park is complete with an obstacle course and swimming pond.

          Pet-friendly events

            Many of our events take place outside, so we encourage residents to bring their dogs with them. We want the whole family to enjoy our community events!

            Pets increase quality of life

              Having a dog encourages an active lifestyle and spending time outdoors, which are key parts of living at Waterways. Your pet is part of your family, so treat them to a new lifestyle that will be good for both of you!

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