Tips for Maintaining Your Garden
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Myles Gleason
April marks the beginning of springtime showers and flowers.

For some of you, April means time to get back into gardening and preparing your favorite buds.

If you’re a lover of flora, you’ll love these tips for maintaining your garden!

Some of us may have had a rough bout with the cold weather. If you’re worried about how your garden could have been impacted, try replacing your mulch or pine straw. Southern Living’s “Garden Care Checklist” recommends starting off April by removing any old mulch you have in your garden especially around plants such as azaleas, roses, and camellias. This helps to avoid disease spores and insects. Read here for more information!

Ah, yes. Fresh mulch equals fresh start, right? Right. If you really want to prep and prune your garden, we’ve got some helpful tips that you might not have learned from Better Homes and Gardens. This article explains 10 ways you can use baking soda in your garden. Not only can you create your own fungicide, but baking soda also boosts your soil! Got some flowers that prefer alkaline-rich soil? Add a solution of one teaspoon of baking soda and water, mix the solution in your soil and your hydrangeas will bloom beautifully. Want to learn how coffee can help your garden? Be sure to check out this article.

Once you’ve finished prepping your grounds, it’s time to recall what’s in your garden in the first place! According to Southern Living, these are some of the best spring garden flowers: Mandevilla Vogue, ‘Princess Blush’ Verbenas, ‘Stars and Stripes’ pentas. Read here for the complete list! Not sure what flowers to plant together? Better Homes and Gardens pairs 'Little Gem' narcissus with blue Chionodoxa for a happy pop of that springtime color, while petunia and puntas will have butterflies in your garden in no time. Don’t forget, annuals that are planted together, stick together – and they look pretty darn good, too!

Whether you plant begonias or roses, your garden is sure to beam in that springtime sunshine.

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