Tips for Helping Your Kids Create the Perfect Lemonade Stand
Myles Gleason
It's more than just the perfect lemonade recipe

Lemonade stands are a great way for kids to be creative, get outside, socialize with others and maybe even make a little bit of money. Help your kids put together the perfect lemonade stand by following the list of wonderful tips below.

  • Be creative. Construct a lemonade stand set-up that has artistic signage and posters. Creativity is key when it comes to making your set-up stand out and attract neighbors. Dress up your stand with a cute tablecloth, flowers or a colorful banner. The creative possibilities are endless.
  • Offer unique lemonade flavors. Oftentimes lemonade stands only offer the classic yellow lemonade. While it is important to always offer this classic, keep in mind that there are many unique lemonade recipes out there. Go explore different recipes online and give customers a new type of lemonade to indulge in.
  • Provide a food option. How can a customer say no to a sweet treat to go along with their lemonade? By providing customers with a food option, your kids are expanding their reach and increasing possible sales.
  • Be friendly! This may seem obvious; however it is important to be hyper-aware of how friendly your kids are being while hosting a lemonade stand. Neighbors and customers appreciate kids who are approachable and welcoming. They are far less likely to stop at the stand if their backs are turned or if they’re not smiling. Warn them to be aware of their body language, and remind them to keep on smiling.
  • Give back! Customers are more likely to purchase lemonade from you or leave a nice tip if they know that even just some of the proceeds support a great cause. Encourage your kids to give up part of their proceeds to support a charity.
  • Photo courtesy of liluna.com

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