The Best New Family Games of 2017
Myles Gleason
These games will keep the family entertained for hours.
  1. Watch Ya’ Mouth: This game is sure to make the whole family laugh until it hurts! Watch Ya’ Mouth is a simple concept. Do your best to speak the phrases on the cards while wearing a cheek retractor. It may sound strange but a quick YouTube search should change your mind!
  2. Monopoly Here & Now: Hasbro and BuzzFeed partnered together to let gamers vote for their favorite cities. The result? Monopoly Here & Now! The updated version of this classic includes popular landmarks as playing pieces with the goal of filling up your passport by visiting as many cities as possible.
  3. Slide Chip: This is a great game for families with little ones who can’t follow along with confusing instructions. In Slide Chip, the entire family will enjoy the competitive nature of trying to project three of the same color chips onto the board.
  4. Spontuneous: Despite the name, no talent is required for this game! Not only will you have a blast being silly with friends and family, but this game doubles as a way for kids to build confidence, creativity and self-expression.
  5. Pie Face: In this silly, family-friendly game, players slide their heads though the provided masks and begin to turn the handles… but watch out because there could be a big surprise in store! Make sure to have whipped cream on hand before you begin!
  6. Simon Swipe: Simon Swipe provides many of the same features from the original memory game from the 1970s, but this version includes a fun modern twist. The touch-screen technology on this game will almost certainly appeal to kids who usually are found glued to their smart phones!
  7. Fibber Board Game: Kids all know they’re not supposed to lie… but in this game it pays to be a good storyteller! That’s because if you get caught fibbing, you’ll have to add a cup to your nose until you look like Pinocchio! At the end, the shortest nose wins.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

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