The Best Food and Drink for your Labor Day BBQ
Myles Gleason
Food, drinks, desserts, and friends... what could be better?

It’s that time of year again, when the grill starts burning, neighbors are coming over, and you’ve got a long weekend to relax and spend time with friends and family. Labor Day barbeques are everywhere and to make yours great you need the right food. Look below to see a mix of recipes you’ll need this weekend.

The Classics

  • A barbeque isn’t complete without cheeseburgers! This delicious recipe lets you know just how to prepare the meat, spices, and cooking. Full of flavor and surprise avocados, these burgers are a staple for any barbeque. Click here to view the recipe.
  • Corn on the cob is another cookout necessity perfect for the end of summer. Use these directions to create a delectable side dish for your guests. Click here to view the recipe.

Greens and Fruits

  • No barbeque is complete without a healthy side of fruits and veggies. Skip the lettuce and make a tomato, nectarine, and shaved ricotta salad fast. Click here to view the recipe.
  • Want something just as fruity and summery but with a little green? Try this strawberry-arugula salad with sweet lime vinaigrette. Click here for the recipe.

Quick and Easy

  • Are you running out of burgers but your guests keep pouring in? Whip up some chicken salad sandwiches to keep them happy. If there are any leftovers, your family can easily enjoy these sandwiches for lunch the next day. Click here for the recipe.
  • Make a filling chili corn casserole as a warm, homey side dish. With a cooking time of only 20 minutes, you can get this meal ready very quickly. Click here for the recipe.

Sweet Tooth and Tasty Drinks

  • With the barbequing over it’s time to relax and enjoy some delicious desert. Here is a traditional blackberry crisp your guests will love. Click here for the recipe.
  • Summer’s not over yet and to cool down throughout the day try this frozen sangarita recipe. This refreshing drink is a healthy choice without all the unnecessary added sugars and helps keep everyone in a happy barbeque mood. Click here for the recipe.

Photos courtesy of Anna Williams, Con Poulos, Televeision Food Network and Food Network Kitchens

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