Super Bowl Sunday Funday
Myles Gleason
Are you ready for the NFL’s biggest game of the year?

Whether you are rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos, we have some ideas of how you can make your Super Bowl party the best in the neighborhood.

The Super Bowl is the perfect excuse to invite all of your friends, family and WaterWays neighbors over to enjoy in the football festivities. Get all of your favorite people together and follow our simple tips for creating the perfect Super Bowl Party.

Go out and get some football decorations or create your own: Adorn your house and party areas with your favorite team’s colors and show your pride on football’s biggest day of the year.

Stock up on plenty of game day food and drinks: You can stick to the classics with hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and dip, pretzels, and beer, wine, soda, and some juice for the kids. Or you can get a bit creative with pigs in the blanket, BBQ sliders, a seven-layer taco dip, and specialty football themed cocktails. Don’t be afraid to make your party a potluck and have your guests bring all of their favorite dishes.

Seating, seating and more seating: On the day of the big game make sure you have enough space for your guests to sit comfortably and enjoy the action on the big screen.

Make a game out of the game: For those who aren’t interested in the game create mini-party games to surround the main game. Have people guess the MVP , the final score and other aspects of the game and award the winners with small prizes. The Super Bowl can be hard to keep the attention of the little ones so you could create a mini Super Bowl played between all of the kids at the party.

Halftime Stretch: The halftime show can be the most exciting part of the Super Bowl for some people. Use this time to talk to your guests and have everyone take a break from the game. Talk about your favorite commercials or stock up on food and drinks for the second half of the game.

Most importantly make sure your guests have a fun and memorable time at your party. To remember all of your favorite game day memories create a hashtag for everyone to use so the whole party can go back and look at photos from the day. Happy Super Bowl’in!

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