Summer Gardening Tips
Myles Gleason
Make the most of your garden.

Summer is finally here, which means it’s the perfect time to break out your green thumb! Nothing says summer quite like spending time outdoors and enjoying the warm sun and freshly blossomed flowers. A beautiful garden can consist of anything from seasonal produce and herbs to bright flowers and plants. If you need some guidance on how to grow and maintain a gorgeous summer garden, follow these tips!

  • Location, location, location:

A proper garden must be located in an area that receives an ample amount of sunlight, is close to a water source and can be protected from frost and wind (specifically in fall and winter months).

  • Make the most of your space:

    Instead of using the traditional row planting method, use a 3- or 4-foot-wide raised gardening bed. By doing so, you will have more square footage available to grow vegetables and plants as well as reduce the amount of paths between rows.

    • Rotate those crops:

      The rotation of crops means that only once every three years can you plant the same crop in the same spot. Rotating the crops prevents the continuous depletion of the same nutrients in the same vegetables. This also ensures the protection from diseases or insects that might be in the soil after harvesting the crop.

      • Maintain your garden:

        Be sure to water plants and crops the proper amount. This may vary depending on what exactly you’re growing. Watering less frequently but deeper can aid the growth of deeper roots, which helps its survival in droughts.

        • Be open to learning:

          Gardening skills take time to learn with continuous practice and an open mind. Never be shy from asking questions to your local gardening experts or neighbors. Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy the summer season!

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