Spring Bucket List Activities
Myles Gleason
15 ways to make the most out of Spring Break.

Shall we take this list back a few centuries? This is a list for kids (and parents!) who can use a fresh reminder of what life was like before tablets and smart phones.

  1. Build a birdhouse. A trip to your local arts and crafts store will equip you and your family with all the necessary tools to build a birdhouse. Constructing one together, rather than buying a birdhouse, will give you and your family the opportunity to be creative and make it your own. Think outside of the box! A birdhouse doesn’t necessarily always have to be a house. A rocket ship might do or even an old wooden toy.
  2. Make popsicles. Popsicles are the quintessential warm weather treat. Skip the ice cream truck and make your own. Find some inspiration from PopSugar Moms here.
  3. Take a trip to the farmers market. You’ve probably done this before, but now that it is spring the farmers market will be hosting your favorite fruits and veggies you’ve been missing all winter.
  4. Host a picnic. Find a nice piece of grass in the park and plan a date for you and your loved ones (with or without kids).
  5. Fly a kite. Make sure to pick a day where you know there will be a little more wind.
  6. Visit a yard sale. Or have one of your own! Take this time to get rid of things you don’t need anymore or find items from neighbors.
  7. Catch fireflies. Take a nice glass jar with holes punch through on top and catch some fireflies when the weather gets warmer.
  8. Feed the ducks. There’s nothing more classic than taking a bread bag to your local pond to feed the ducks.
  9. Do some yoga in your backyard. After all that spring cleaning and pie baking, you should reward yourself with some relaxation. Yoga is a good way to unwind, right in the comfort of your own backyard.
  10. Watch the sunrise. Take advantage of daylight savings and head out early to your favorite view in the area.
  11. Do some cloud-gazing. Who do you think will get more creative? You? Or the kids?
  12. Write a postcard to a loved one. Surprise a loved one with a handwritten note. Customize it with a hand drawn picture or a small flower from your garden.
  13. Have a scavenger hunt. Put on your best Inspector Gadget act and get on the move!
  14. Play Frisbee or catch. If you have a larger crowd, try a game of ultimate Frisbee.
  15. Bake a pie. Baking a pie might be a daunting task, but by now you’ve probably already tackled the even more daunting task of spring cleaning. This will be a piece of cake (or shall we say pie). If it’s your first time, or even your first time with kids, try a recipe that requires a little less effort like this recipe from Inspired Taste.

The list of activities to do in the spring time is unlimited. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the weather!

Photo courtesy of popsugar.com

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