Setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table
Myles Gleason
They won't just be talking about the food with these table tricks!

Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to come together and celebrate the value of family and friends; we all gather and share a meal around a big table. It’s traditional of course to dress up the table a bit for the big event. Here are a few inexpensive ways to decorate your table with stunning centerpieces that are sure to impress family and guests.

  • Pumpkin Vase. So simple and sweet, all you need to do is carve out a small pumpkin or gourd and fill it up with a matching flower arrangement. Stick to fall colors for the flower arrangement: orange, red, brown, and yellow. Here is a full
  • A Fall Statement Piece. Fill a long runner basket with small gourds and a few candles to make a statement. This gives a great fall feel without a lot of effort and hassle. Place the basket on a runner table cloth, giving your dining room table a nice accent that brings the whole room together.
  • A Short setup. This might be the most inexpensive and simple option! Simply take pinecones, candles, gourds and floral leaves and arrange them nicely as the centerpiece. This is the perfect option for those who are too busy in the kitchen to think about the table setting or for those who have saved it until the last minute. This is a simple and quick setup that can be as simple or creative as you want.
  • Have the kids help. This decoration is nothing fancy, but it gets kids involved in the project. Bring in a few thin sticks from outside and have the kids write what they are thankful for on paper cutout leaves. Just staple the ‘leaves’ onto the sticks, place the sticks in an appropriate vase, and you’ll have the perfect fall centerpiece!

Photo courtesy of homebrunch.com

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