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Myles Gleason
Planning a weekend trip to The Ogeechee River? Waterways is here to help!

The Ogeechee River is the perfect destination for those who want to escape from their fast-paced lives and embrace the beautiful nature that surrounds Richmond Hill.


The Ogeechee River spans 245 miles with its basin located right outside of Ossabaw Island. It is home to a vast amount of wildlife and plants including the famous Tupelo, Cypress, Water Oak, Red Maple, and Sweet Gum trees. It is also home to many raccoons, deer, otters, minks, and beavers, who live among its swamps. Many come to the river to enjoy its untouched beauty, especially since there are so few remaining untamed, major rivers in America.


    • Boating
    • Canoeing
    • Fishing
    • Kings Ferry Park
    • F. Gregory Recreational Park


    • There’s no better way to enjoy this vast river than by boat! Many people enjoy spending the day fishing, and some just like to explore.
    • For a complete map of all the boat ramps, click here.
    • Visitors canoeing on the river have been known to become enchanted by the attractive moss-draped swamps, striking Sycamore and Cypress trees, among many other incredible landscapes.
    • Many different guided trips are available to those who wish to have experienced guides lead them on the river. They usually last a few hours and cost around $30 a person.
    • Around The Ogeechee River, many people say that fishing is a way of life. One can enjoy freshwater fishing in many different ways here… casting nets for American shad, or cane pole fishing for the redbreast sunfish. In the past, many have also had luck with catching largemouth bass, black crappie, and catfish.
    • For a complete guide to the fishing at The Ogeechee River, check out Georgia Wildlife’s website.
    • After a day of adventure, check out Kings Ferry Park, once the site of the King’s Bridge. During the Civil War, this area was an important crossing point used by the Union to attack Fort McAllister. Today, it is a gathering place for many visitors. With many places available to set up for dinner, guests can also swim, boat, and fish on the dock.
    • With around 335 acres available to the public, attractions available include a three-mile walking trail, fishing, and bird watching. For those interested in the history of the area, there are two historic Henry Ford era homes available for viewing.
    • Camping


    • Campers can find many different resources for all of their needs during their stay along the banks of The Ogeechee River. There are two main campgrounds available including WaterwayRV Campground and the Bellaire Woods Campground. Both campgrounds offer numerous facilities such as boat and tackle rentals, showers, and canoe rentals.
    • No trip to The Ogeechee River is complete without tasting some of the local seafood caught right from the river. In order to preserve wildlife, there are no restaurants located directly on the river. However, WaterWays recommends visiting our local favorites, Fish Tales or Marker 107, in order to get a taste of delicious, fresh fish from The Ogeechee River.

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