New Year’s Resolution: How to Make Them Last
Myles Gleason
It takes 21 days to create a habit... do not give up yet!

New year, new you! New Year’s resolutions can be tough to keep throughout the entire year, especially if you are overly ambitious! However, with these tips and tricks, you won’t find yourself falling out of your resolution quite so easily!

  1. Warm up! Quitting things like smoking, coffee, or sweets is difficult cold-turkey. Instead of throwing away your guilty pleasure on January 1, spend two weeks slowly decreasing your intake. Have two sweet treats a week instead of five. This way, your resolution won’t be such a shock!
  2. Focus on one change at a time. It’s easy to make a long list of things you want to improve, but multi-tasking on your major life decisions is a big job! You’ll find more success if you are able to focus on one. Pick what’s most important to you and start with that one this New Year.
  3. Set sub-goals. If your primary goal is a little overwhelming, set small ones along the way. Setting smaller goals each month is more approachable and just as rewarding. You’ll feel much more positive about your progress.
  4. Avoid temptation. If you are serious about your resolution, don’t put yourself in a tempting situation. Torturing yourself with previous habits can make it way too easy to give in.
  1. Be fair to yourself! Don’t call it quits if you gave in once or twice. Make sure to focus on your progress rather than dwelling on your mistakes, and don’t be afraid to brag about yourself every once in a while; it might inspire others!

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