Natural Gardening Tips
Myles Gleason
Unexpected ways to make your garden flourish this year.

Looking for ways to improve your garden? Here are a few tips to keep your plants healthy and strong all year long.

  • Eggshell Starters: Want to get started with your garden before the weather permits outdoor growth for your plants? Plant your seeds in cut-off eggshells indoors. Eggshells are the perfect pot for this, not only because they are so cheap, but also because they contain calcium that helps the seedlings grow. The eggshell can be planted when you are ready to place the seedlings in your outdoor garden too.Tip: Grind up your eggshells and mix them into your soil to give your plants even more calcium!

  • Save Your Vegetable Water: “Fertilizing” your garden with vegetable water is a great way to keep your plants strong. Vegetable water contains nutrients that make your garden thrive. Just make sure to let the water cool first before using it on your plants.
  • Epsom Salt: Using Epsom salt on your garden is an easy way to grow healthier plants because the salt contains magnesium and sulfate, both of which are essential to plant life. Mix a few tablespoons of salt into your watering can about twice a month for potted plants. Peppers and tomatoes benefit from this method the most due to their low levels of magnesium.

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