Local, Fun & Enjoyable Summer Jobs for Teens
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Myles Gleason
How to keep your teen busy this summer with a fun job!

Summertime is the best. There is great weather, everyone seems happier, and the kids are out of school. For teens, summer vacation is prime time for family outings, camps, and maybe even a summer job. If your teenager is looking to make some money, or you’re looking to keep everyone busy, a summer job is a great way for teens to gain experience, make friends, and have some fun.

If transportation is an issue, there are some great summer job options rights here in Richmond Hill. Try looking into the following:

  • Retail – There are a lot of great retail options in Richmond Hill, from boutiques like the Hallmark Store, to convenience stores like CVS, to one-stop-shops like Goody’s.
  • Food and Bev – One ‘traditional’ rite of passage is to work at an ice cream parlor. In Richmond Hill, try Plums Ice Cream & Sandwich Shop or The Ice Cream Stop.
  • Parks & Recreation – Many teens also love being counselors at camps. Try Bryan County Day Camp!

If your teen really wants to keep things local, look into lifeguarding or nannying/babysitting jobs right in your very own neighborhood.

If your teenager has access to a car, there are many opportunities right outside of Richmond Hill too. Head over to Savannah for hospitality-related jobs, and a guaranteed exciting atmosphere. Savannah may be a further commute, but if your kid is in it for the long-haul, there are a ton of stores, restaurants, and venues that offer part-time employment.

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for scoring an awesome summer job.

  1. Have a resume – look here for an easy how-to, and here for do’s and don'ts.
  2. Explore your options – if door-to-door doesn’t work, check out Indeed and SimplyHired.

Get creative – if you’re set on babysitting this summer, or any other service, be sure to make an ad for your local bulletin boards! Check out some examples for ads for babysitting here.

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