Learning How to Knit this Winter
Myles Gleason
Knitting 101

Looking for a new winter hobby to help pass the colder months? Knitting is a fun pastime that can be very fun and rewarding. Although projects such as sweaters and blankets can seem quite daunting at first, knitting is actually a fairly easy hobby to begin. Here are some suggestions for those interested in learning how to knit.

  1. If you’re someone who needs more guidance, local craft stores often times offer very reasonably priced knitting classes for a variety of levels. Some community centers such as YMCAs even have beginner knitting groups to join for little or no cost. If you’re someone who does better with online instruction, check out craftsy.com or even YouTube for beginner tutorials.
  2. Choose a small project to begin. Even if you feel confident enough to begin with a larger project, practicing on a smaller scale is always helpful. Consider testing out your new yarn by simply knitting a small square first to get the hang of the new yarn you’re using. Hold on to all these little squares and overtime, knit them all together to create a patchwork inspired blanket.
  3. Do your research before beginning a project. Especially for items like scarves and blankets, be sure to research the proper width for the type of yarn and needles you’re using. You can always make a scarf or blanket longer, but the width has to be decided on during the first row, so make sure you get it right from the start!
  4. If you’re worried about lumps and bumps in the stitching, choose a variegated yarn that has multiple different colors in it. Not only does this help to cover up a messed up stitch or two, but it’s also self-striping, making the stitches look more complicated than they are.

Photo credit: udemy.com

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