Giving Back this Holiday Season
Myles Gleason
4 ways to give back this Holiday Season.

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate what you are thankful for with your closest friends and family. But thanksgiving is also about giving back to the community, especially to those who don’t have the ability to spend time with family over a big Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few of our favorite places to volunteer in the area this holiday season.

  • Elders Helpers. Volunteer for a day or two and play games and activities with some of the area’s elders in assisted living. Spend time with them this holiday season to keep them company and spread the spirit. You can find out more about the program in Savannah here.
  • Letters to the Troops. As simple and easy as this is, this truly does make a difference. Writing letters to send over to those defending our country who can’t be with their families for the season is a great way to show appreciation and spread some joy. There are so many programs you can send letters through, but here are just a few: A Million Thanks, USO, and Operation Gratitude.
  • Food Drive. Participate in a food drive to help feed those who can’t support themselves. Located in Richmond Hill, The WAY Station, is supported by churches in the area and relies on community support to help provide meals for the homeless.
  • Work with a Nonprofit. From large-scale organizations like the American Cancer Society, where you can assist with organizational work (answering mail/phones, file information, etc.) to smaller organizations like the Chatham County Recycling Center, the volunteer opportunities are endless.

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