Fishing on Grand Lagoon
Shanna Schwab
Spring Fishing at Waterways

Well, a year has passed since we officially stocked Grand Lagoon with largemouth bass and panfish. Over 2,000 largemouth bass and 250,000 panfish were released into our fishery designed by Bill Dance, the legendary professional bass fisherman and TV personality. And we are seeing the exciting results produced from this intricate fish habitat program.

Recently, local resident and friend of Waterways, Justin Stanberry, spent a few hours testing the waters of Grand Lagoon. And as you can see from the picture...and his smile....the experience was well worth the time invested. Justin landed this young bass that weighed nearly three pounds. The size, health, and beautiful markings of this fish clearly demonstrate the early success of our Bill Dance Signature Lakes fishery.

And Justin released this gorgeous fish back to the lake so that it could continue to grow, mature, and be available to entertain the next young friend of Waterways.

Congratulations, Justin!

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