Family Beach Games
Myles Gleason
You and your family do not want to miss out on this fun!

Family Beach Games

The long, hot days of summer are officially here! What better way to remedy these steamy days than to spend them at the beach? Instead of lounging under the umbrella all day, grab the whole family to join in on these fun beach games.

Bocce Ball

    This game is a classic favorite for people of all ages. You can use any kind of balls or purchase an official bocce ball set for your beach trip. Toss the first ball to serve as your marker and take turns throwing the remaining balls, aiming as close to the marker as possible without knocking it. Whoever gets their ball the closest to the marker wins!

    Sand Pictionary

      Put a sunny spin on an inside game. Low tide provides a great canvas for Sand Pictionary. Set up the game by breaking up into teams, and setting a time limit and a points system. Next draw a picture in the sand, having your team guess the answer as fast as possible. After each round let the waves wash away the drawings. The team with the most points after three rounds wins!

      Beach Volleyball: No Net Needed

        Are the kids itching to move around? Then this is the game for them. All you need is sand and a ball. First draw your dividing and out-of-bounds lines. You can split into teams or play one-on-one. Once everything is set up, beat the ball back-and-forth and may the best team win!

        Boogie Board Balancing Act

          It’s time for the kids to take a break from riding the waves, and test their surfer’s balance. Place their boogie boards where the waves come onto the shore, and have the little ones stand on the boards with their backs facing the water. When the waves crash onto the shore, see who can keep their balance the longest. The last one standing wins!

          Build a Sand man

            Here in the south we don’t get much snow, but we sure do have a lot of sand. Grab a bucket, some shovels and shells and build a handsome sand man. To make it even more fun, have everyone make theirs a self-portrait and take a picture with their sculpture.

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