Fall Gardening
Shanna Schwab
The Perfect Golden Blooms

The cool crisp mornings and brilliant hues of orange, red and yellow foliage are not only sure signs of fall, but some of our favorite. Fall is a great time for gardening because the cooler temperatures make it more enjoyable to be outdoors. Planting in your garden plot this time of year will allow plenty of time for new plants, flowers or vegetables to establish good root systems over the fall and winter months.

Even with the cooler temperatures, your garden can still glow with the jewel-tone shades of autumn as several plants offer golden blooms. Have some fun playing with contrasting colors and shades to create the perfect garden combination for fall. One of our favorite combinations is the yellow blooms of the Golden Rod paired with bronze-red helenium flowers and the airy lavender-blue flowers and silvery foliage of Russian sage. This combination is our favorite as it not only contrasts in form but also complements in color. Check out some other fall signature plants that will brighten up your garden with Southern Living's 8 Favorite Plants for Fall.

Plants and flowers are not the only things that you can plant in your plot during the cool season. Vegetables including spinach, lettuce, radishes, collards and broccoli can still be planted at this time. Planting garlic is another way to spice up your garden, as it thrives when planted in the fall.

Enjoy fall planting with signature autumn colors and cool season vegetables in your garden plot. This is the perfect weather to get outdoors and get in touch with Mother Nature.

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