Drought Management Tips
Myles Gleason
Don’t let the dog days of summer destroy your beautiful plants and garden!

The sun is strong and the heat is even stronger, especially for plants. Don’t sweat over trying to keep your plants alive because UGA extension has provided WaterWays with excellent advice on how to maintain plants during the summer and droughts!

While sprinklers indeed help water plants, they are not as effective as you think. They waste more water than hydrating plants through a water drip method. If water is applied to plants slowly and gradually, there is less potential that water will evaporate compared to overhead irrigation, such as using a sprinkler.

Drip systems may be a little out of reach if you don’t own a commercial plant nursery, but soaker hoses will do the trick just as well! They can be found for a reasonable price at local home improvement stores. Rather than buying the rubber type, try to find a nylon soaker hose because the storage will be much simpler and wont crack like rubber does. Always make sure to properly store the soaker hose after use, so it stays in great condition for summers to come.

To find out more information about drought management, call 912-653-2231 or check out UGA Extension’s website www.caes.uga/extension/bryan.

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