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Myles Gleason
Time to load up the bikes and head to the city.

Fall is upon us, and that means crisp, autumn days with sunshine, cool air and little humidity. It’s (almost) time to get outdoors and enjoy the cooler weather. A good way to do this is to explore the charming city of Savannah by bike. There are plenty of great cycling routes in the city, ranging from short 5 mile rides to more challenging 40 mile climbs. Check out these routes and decide which best suits your desires, then pump up your tires, grab your helmet, and get on the road.

Short Stroll: 5.08 Miles

Starting near the corner of Turner Blvd. and Fahm Ave., this ride takes you through the heart of downtown Savannah, circling close to the Savannah River and looping through Forsyth Park. Expect an easy journey with this route.

Intermediate Ride: 14.13 Miles

This route starts out on Battey Street, but Habersham Street is the main street featured on this ride. This route takes Habersham all the way through downtown close to the Savannah River before turning around and coming back on Price Street. This ride will not take up your entire day, but it is certainly long enough for you to get in a good workout.

Long Climb: 40.13 Miles

If you are really looking for a challenge this fall, try this route to test your endurance. Starting off in Chippewa Square, this climb takes you out Liberty Street to Louisville Road and all the way out of the city. You will be taken all the way across I-95 before looping back down Little Neck Road. Make sure you know what you are getting into before signing up for this long ride!

For more routes around Savannah, visit our friends at MapMyRide.

Photo courtesy of Savannah Bicycle Campaign.

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