Best Winter Family Outings
Family Fun
Myles Gleason
Time to get out this Winter!

The winter time tends to keep us in the house, but there are so many activities families can do together for some bonding time and exercise.

Feeling reminiscent of summer? Go roller-skating at Star Castle Family Entertainment Center. If you are not comfortable on a pair of roller skates, go to the laser tag room to team up with your family or compete against them.

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If you do not want to go very far from your house, you can stay in the neighborhood and start your own sports team with the neighbors! Whether its hockey, basketball, football, soccer, etc., you can have a ton of fun bonding with your family and neighbors.

Head to Rainbow JumpNFun Play Center if you want a place for the kids to jump out all of their energy that has been cooped up from being inside.

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Go have a ball with some bowling at AMF Savannah Lanes! You can always use bumpers to help improve your score.

Sedentary Scene

In the cold weather, it is so tempting to stay inside and be lethargic. There are still some options to stay inside that do not require much activity, but are still fun to do with the family.

AMC Classic Savannah 11 or Regal Cinemas Savannah 10 are just a couple of the movie theater options where the family can go take a break from the cold and warm up with some buttery popcorn.

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If you want to see a live performance, attend a play at the Lucas Theatre for the Arts or Savannah Theatre. For a more child friendly place, the Savannah Children’s Theatre has plays to go watch and classes the kids can participate in.

Go visit a museum and learn some of your home’s history. Richmond Hill History Museum, Savannah Ogeechee Canal Society, and Pin Point Heritage Museum are some of the closest options.

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When is the last time you went to the public library? Go to the Richmond Hill Public Library and rent a couple of books to read together at home or in the reading nook.

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