Back to School Tips
Myles Gleason
Tips and tricks to make starting school as smooth as possible

As the new school year begins and rapidly gets into full swing, we want to provide some suggested tips and tricks that will help make this school year the best yet…for students and parents alike.

  1. Use a planner. This is the most effective way to keep track of deadlines, carpool days, events, parties, etc. that can quickly become overwhelming. Everyone needs a place to write this information down.
  1. Tackle the big task first. Another way to say this is “put the worst first.” It is best to get the largest task out of the way when you have the most energy. When you leave your big task for the end, you are more tired and less focused.
  1. Don’t overcommit yourself. It is so easy to get plugged into a new club, gym, volunteer organization, etc. at the start of a new school year. These are all great things but it is important to remember that your time is valuable. When you overcommit yourself, stress and sometimes even feelings of guilt can occur. Know your limits and your children’s limits.
  1. Get enough sleep. Sleep is often overlooked and can be the first thing to suffer when your schedule gets busy. Don’t allow this to happen. Adequate sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle. Now that the school year is starting back up, it’s the perfect time to set bedtimes not just for the kids, but also for the parents!
  1. Choose the next day’s outfit before. Whether you have plans to wake up and hit the gym, attend an early morning study group or business meeting, or you just want to be organized for the next day, laying out the next day’s outfit beforehand eliminates the stress of finding something to wear. It also increases your likelihood of making it to that study group or to the gym for that early morning workout you keep snoozing through. Doing this for your kids as well will hopefully help eliminate those unnecessary temper tantrums in the morning.

For more tips, check out: http://www.prepinyourstep.com/2014/08/back-to-school-tips.html and http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20459221,00.html#ad-3.

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