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A Welcome Letter from the Developer

From the moment I stepped on this land in early spring of 2004, I realized this place was special. With six-and-a-half miles of marsh frontage and over a thousand acres of ancient oak hammocks bounded by navigable waterways, I sincerely felt this was a truly unique opportunity to create what I believe will be one of the finest residential communities on the southeastern coast of the United States. The fact that it was only twenty-five minutes south of the historic city of Savannah, Georgia, founded in 1733 by General Oglethorpe and described by Forbes Travel Magazine as the "loveliest colonial town in America", sealed the deal.

When a developer has the privilege to develop a piece of land such as this one it presents a challenge; how do you create a vibrant community enhanced by world-class man-made amenities without damaging the extraordinary natural site that already exists? The answer? Very carefully. To achieve this, my company brings a tremendous amount of experience to the table. Starting over 30 years ago, we have developed five major upscale golf course communities in the Southeastern United States. Probably the best known is our 5,300-acre community, Marsh Landing in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, that we acquired in the late 1970s and is now the home office of the PGA Tour and the Players Championship, the richest tournament in professional golf.

With this background we earned a reputation for being "green" long before that term ever came into vogue. At Waterways, we walked every acre of land carefully to ensure the protection of the magnificent tree canopies long before the first bulldozer arrived on site.

Relative to amenities, water trails wind for over three miles through the center of our site to our fishing lake designed by well-known television personality and bass fishing legend, Bill Dance. In May of this year we began stocking the Grand Lagoon with a quarter million forage fish and almost 2,000 bass, many up to two pounds in size. Of course, when our deep-water marina is completed we will have access to the magnificent and historic oceanfront Ossabaw and Wassaw Islands as well as salt water fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.

When I referred earlier to the colonists that started showing up in this area in 1733, I didn't mean to slight our very first residents, the Native Americans that discovered the beauty of this land several hundred years before the Brits arrived. This site abounds in evidence of their presence. As our archeological consultants like to remind me, just like us "they liked high ground, open waterways, big oak trees, and great views." I can assure you those special sites have been carefully documented and protected.

All of the above is just the beginning of what will be an amazing journey. Come join us and take a tour. I am sure you will be impressed and we, of course, would be delighted to have you become part of our Waterways family.

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