5 Ways to Shop Small During the Holidays
Myles Gleason
Shopping small doesn't mean you aren't making an impact.

Just because Small Business Saturday has passed doesn’t mean you can’t do the rest of your holiday shopping locally and sustainably! When you shop locally, not only do you support individual family businesses that treat employees well, but you’re also supporting the local economy as well as vendors who focus on creating the most innovative products possible. Ninety percent of small business owners also contribute to their communities through donations or volunteer work. There are just really no reasons not to!

With the holidays just around the corner, many are making lists and checking them quite a few times in preparation for the season. With lengthy lists, one-stop conglomerate shops can be tempting. But we have some tips for the conscious shopper to find ways to think small during holiday shopping.

Local Vendors: Richmond Hill is home to some of the finest local businesses in the area, and we’re sure you can fill your holiday list from the wide range of shops located right here in our home town. Some of our favorites are Ella’s, The Cadre’ Shop, All Things Chocolate, Lavender Hill Spa & Salon, Georgia Game Changers Running Company, and Plantation Lumber & Hardware, just to name a few. A benefit of our close proximity to historical Savannah is the local vendors that are based there. Whitaker Street and City Market both feature local boutiques and family-owned shops!

Visit Farmers Markets: Farmers markets can be a great source of fresh produce for Christmas dinner treats. There are often more wares than fresh fruits and veggies, as well. Home-made jams, salsas and soaps are plentiful at farmers markets and make great gifts as well! Check out the Richmond Hill Farmers Market today.

Craft Fairs: The 49thAnnual Southern Christmas Show is a great example of a one-stop-shop for local goods. A four hour drive from Savannah, this fair brings vendors (over 400 of them!) and shoppers from all over the Southeast. This craft fair features beauty products, art, clothing, accessories, crafts and more!

Etsy Shops: The convenience of shopping online can be combined with the ethics of shopping small. Etsy is a website that provides the framework for individuals to craft at home and sell their wares to people like you! Check out etsy.com for handmade clothing, housewares, décor, pet accessories, and anything else you can imagine!

DIY: There is no replacement for a home-crafted gift made with love. Learn a new skill, such as needlepoint or crochet, and utilize it this Christmas season! With practice, you may become a local vender yourself!

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