Summer Fun and Water Games
Myles Gleason
Fun in the sun!

Classic Water Gun Fight There’s nothing like a classic water gun fight. If you’re playing with a small group, use a smaller space like your yard. Try to make sure everyone participates by keeping everyone close together. Grab a water gun for each player and make some water balloons to have a fun refreshing day!

Pool Scrabble Get the kids swimming with scrabble! All you need are a few sponges and a sharpie. Cut out sponges into large enough pieces that will fit a letter. Create a few letters and toss them in the pool!

Beach Towel Volleyball This is a fun activity to do on a hot summer’s day. The rules of the game involve using a beach towel to get a water balloon over the net. Make sure to have plenty of space and plenty of beach towels to get this game going.

Beach Ball Balance Race This game requires quite the amount of leg power, but is a good way to exercise! Teams are supposed to be on the same side of the pool, while individual players balance on top of a beach ball as they swim across and back. The first team to have all the players swim back and across wins!

Water Balloon Dodgeball Like regular dodgeball, but with water balloons. Enjoy that refreshing hit!

Picnic Basket Relay Make sure you have enough picnic baskets to go around! Compete to see who can set up a picnic and take one down the fastest. And enjoy the lunch afterwards!

Blanket Run Grab a partner (toddlers are best) and put them on a blanket. Have players race to the finish line while pulling their partners along… safely of course!

Spaghetti Scavenger Hunt Fill up bowls with spaghetti and hide candies like M&M’s or gummy bears in them. The player who finds all the candy firsts wins!

Sandwich Relay Put together a giant sandwich making assembly line! Have players perform one specific task to sandwich making (including eating the sandwich) and see who can churn out the most sandwiches!

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